Thursday, June 07, 2007

Everyone keeps asking me what my inspirations are.....I never really thought about it I guess. My Mother, of coarse~ she can do ANYTHING, and it comes out **perfect** the very first time she tries......and she always said to me growing up~ "If you want something done~ DO IT YOURSELF" I would suppose that is my mantra & motto~ I always have a ton of things zooming around that I want to do~ just never enough time....... I am due to post of the Primitive Gathering blog on the 21st of this was taking a few pictures of little inspirations that I have around me here....and this is one~ a beautiful hand carved c1830 ladys tortoise shell hair comb. I ADORE this comb~ it came from a Maine estate....its so smooth and lusterous, and feels like butter in your hair. Every now and then, I wear it around a bit in mine, to renew its oils and keep it from drying out, as real tortoise will do over time.


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Miss Rachael, You have the neatest stuff! I want to touch that lovely comb! Can't wait to read your blogging on PG!


Suzanne said...

Oh Rachael, that comb is beautiful! I agree with Sarah, you DO have the neatest stuff!