Friday, October 13, 2017

2017 Limited Edition Ornament Kits Ready to Ship

Winter Queen Going Fast~Only 29 Left!!
 Golly! All preorders have now shipped, so check your email for tracking numbers! If you are pondering getting a kit for this years limited edition ornament, I have just 29 left.   Thats not 29 in stock...thats 29 in stock, ready to ship, and only 29~ there will be no more! I posted here a bit ago for the perorder explaining about the limited, very limited status of the ornament this year.  It is such a beautiful ornament!
 I designed it after Queen Elizabeth Stuart's early 17th c gloves, seen above. The silk embroidery on the rich blue silk background is breathtaking in person

 I left these pictures large so you can see the details~ all threads are real gold with just the right amount of spangles to really flash in the lights of the Christmas tree!  This years kit is mounted a different way than last years~ there is no stitching over card or pricking~ YAY!
There is purl well as an or~nue flaming heart.

 Borage, pansies and tulips in silks....the ornament is dated for this year of coarse~
 Real gilt over silver tinsel that will tarnish ever so slightly over time....and pearls~ real seed pearls...a whopping 31 inches of real cultured seed pearls are in each kit!

 There are rough purls, bright check purls, and 2% gold Elizabethan Twist...the highest percent gold thread available. A Queen demands nothing but the best of materials~

 And what Queen doesn't have secrets?  Winter Queen has her own secret~ she is a fully lined treasure box, if one so desires to finish her that way.

 The lining silk is one of the scant items not included in the kit, because I used a scrap of a old silk tie, and everyone has their own preference!

The pearls, (along with the blue dutchess silk satin and tinsel), were what really made this kit limited. Pearls this small are extremely difficult to find in good quality~ I scoured the earth, wheeled and dealed and brought you some of the prettiest, tiny, hand drilled pearls ever. Ya....thats right, each one of these lil buggers is drilled by hand...actually on the gloved fingertip of the craftsman.....just amazing.
If you would like to order a kit, or learn more about it, you can do so here

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Barbara Brown said...

This years ornament is sooooooo pretty, but then, all of them are!
LY, Mom