Monday, August 11, 2014

A Handsome Beaded Stumpwork King

 Sans Crown And Scepter ....

 I have been plugging along on the lid for my reproduction 17th c padded mirror case and thought you all would enjoy saying 'Hello' to the King, who is nearly complete, minus his crown and scepter that will come after I finish his Ladye~ 
 He is fully clothed~ shoes, hose, britches, apron, jacket, robe, collar and falling band all have been carefully stitched from antique glass beads and real seed pearls. There has not been a single person to view him and not pick up different pieces of his costume to see what is underneath. The lace cuffs on the sleeves of his jacket are woven separately, as is his falling band, from the weensiest little opal beads you have ever seen, about a half millimeter in size just!
  If you are interested in learning more about my online class & Padded Mirror Case~ you can find the info here. Along with the case carcass, complete step by step instruction is included from start to finish!

1 comment:

Barbara Brown said...

He turned out so COOL!!!! I can't wait to see Her Majesty!!!
LY, Mom