Friday, June 21, 2013

Colorado Wildfires & a Jack in the Box to cheer~
Thankyou to all of my wonderful thoughtful readers who have sent thoughts our way~ we are still here!  There currently are nine fires burning around us as of today, the closest is the East Peak Fire at the north side  base of the East Spanish Peak.  I can see it from the gallery window here and it is most disturbing, but not as much so as the huge West Fork fire that, at last we heard, will burn thru and take the entire town of South Fork.  My prayers are with them to the west of us, I hope they all got out OK.  Trying to get info on the fires is very difficult.  The evacuation zone for the East Peak fire is close, but I'm not to my freak out stage yet.  Not to worry, my fire video and insurance papers are in hand, as well as an updated evacuation list and plans to pack and get the dolls & textiles out as soon as possible~ I can move pretty quick when needed.  To say the fires have pre~occupied my time is a gross understatement. It is hard to think and keep my train of thought for long before I go and check the window to see if the winds have shifted our way....  I have been working on dollys like a mad woman trying to keep sched for my Hallowe'en in July Celebration....and was really thrilled to get a particular email this morning from a Dear friend who gave Lady Woodhaus & lil Sprout a home.....just look at how she has them displayed on the wall~ perfect!   The old mirror frame sets them off beautifully~ and is so very simple......just my style!
  Even more fun and it cheered me up SO much, was getting to see Master Jack digging thru the box for his little bag....
  You just cant have a big sweetie and not have a treat for them in the box too!

I bet it didn't take him long to sniff them out :)  A perfect 'Jack in the Box'~ 
 Thank You so much Phebe for letting me share him with everyone!


Sherri Farley said...

Hopefully the fires will stay away. Thinking of you.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thank you Sherri~ if a nekkid rain dance would work, I'd be out there now dancing it up! xoxox rachael

Doreen said...

Been thinking much about you lately Rachael and been meaning to stop by. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

hugs, doreen