Saturday, June 01, 2013

An early 19th c Flip Toy Reproduction

The simplicity and quint nature of early 19th C children's toys and amusements have always captured my attention~ I adore them. It wasn't until I made my first reproduction of a little pop up cone doll a few years ago, that I realized how involved and utterly confusing they can be to make.  I especially like the early optical toys, made from paper with simple hand colored engravings, that by a twist of the wrist or flip of a finger, they move and in turn make something 'magical' happen.   Many of these toys began their lives in the early 19th Century~ before that time, it was a rare occurrence in the 18th c to have toys specifically made for children, as a 'childhood' of play and learning was still yet unknown to the majority.     A while ago I ran across an original Victorian era flip toy, still in its original paper sleeve~ it was a highly coveted thing for sure, hardly ever played with, with a different hand colored engraving to each side. Once the handle is rotated, the images changed from one to the other. Simple enough I thought.....

 I couldn't have been more wrong.   It is always amazing to me how things so simple and plain, are so difficult to reproduce!  I think if I had a Master's degree in engineering I still would have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out this little toy. Its taken me weeks literally to get this one made, but I think you will agree, the final product is quaint and cunning and well worth the effort.  Do enjoy this little video of it, as I am quite proud of how it came out.   Ill add the link to the eBay auction later on today if you would be interested in purchasing it~

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Doreen said... AMAZE ME!!! This is stunning!!