Thursday, March 07, 2013

Fate, Hope & Charity~ 
exhibition at the Foundling Museum, London 
  25 Jan - 19 May, 2013

  Absolutely not to be missed if you are in or anywhere near London at the above slotted time.  Many of my readers are familiar with the 'Threads of Feeling' exhibit which showcased just a sampling of the thousands of textile bits kept within the records of each child who was dropped of at the Foundling Museum in London.  This year showcases is a new exhibit that focuses on the tokens left with the children~ some will absolutely break your heart
   As with last years exhibit, Faith, Hope & Charity is accompanied by a wonderful book ~ not a catalogue of endless photos of the tokens, it is an absolutely wonderful collection of essays and stories of a selected few~ you will not be disappointed  and I couldn't recommend purchasing one more~ you can do so here~,product,view,259,,,.html
 You will be supporting the Museum in doing so, as well as showing how important these little publications are in making a small local exhibit offering into a worldwide educational opportunity  Their information and photos keep the one time exhibit 'running' for years and years after they have ended.  Feel free, as I have done, to email Paul Holberton Publishers and thank them for agreeing to publish this book!

  The middle photo is but one heart wrenching token in the collection~ can you read the cypher?  It reads, " I want relief , and initials of the inscriber, GB Jan 16, 1759 "


Anonymous said...

rachael, thank you for the information and link! i ordered several of these right away for special people in my life to whom i try to find unusual gifts. this is very very special and thanks for giving me the chance to purchase. of course i cant get to the museum but this is the next best thing.
p miller

Rachael Kinnison said...

Youre most welcome Priscilla! Thats what I LOVE about the little independent published exhibit catalogues and books~ they stretch the exhibit from one time & locality to the entire world~ no travel required. I got my book in about a week from the UK~ in perfect order. I know you will enjoy it, and so right, what WONDERFUL & unique gift this would make! xoxoxo rachael