Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whatever The Desire~ My Joy is to Make

  I love making dolls. I would need a hundred lifetimes to make all of them that keep my company in my mind. As much as I like making the ones in my mind, I enjoy that much and even moreso, the ones I make from the dreams of others.  I get emails often asking if I make special order dolls, custom one of a kinds, and the answer is yes! There is no greater challenge, than bringing to life an image and spirit borne of someone else's mind.  As well, there is no greater joy than seeing their love and satisfaction in their finished doll.

 .  Ordering a custom made doll from me is quite easy. Normal time from start to finish is 95% of the time, 30 days or LESS, for the most common 16" and under dolls.  The first step is of coarse to email me and let me know what you are thinking of~ size, era, price range you have in mind~ enough general info for me to give you an accurate price quote. I do not start a custom sculpt until payment in full has been received. Some will pay all in one payment, while others have placed their dolly on layaway~ when their final payment is made, I will then start the sculpt.

  The owner can choose painted or glass eyes, what color of eyes, face type, any special materials~ sometimes a special fabric or lace of their own is sent on to me to incorporate into the design.. I have even  made wigs from a loved ones own hair.
  Dress is discussed while the sculpt dries naturally, which can take from 1-2 weeks to closer to a month for larger dolls, depending on the current ambient humidity levels. When the sculpt is finished, and we have decided on a name, paint and glaze are applied and dolly is born.  Costume can be as simple or elaborate as one specifies, and once dolly is finished, I will invoice for the shipping & send dolly on to her new home.  The possibilities are endless, so if you have wanted a specific doll and just haven't been able to find her yet, feel free to drop me a line at

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