Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Most Exhilarating Find!

I am working on reproducing this wonderful 17th c embroidered jacket for my Marguarite, I really LOVE the shape of it....but the simple, yet complex squiggle is so unique, its made this piece from the Manchester Art Gallery one of my all time FAVORITE jackets~ you can visit it online here :

Anyways, I was looking thru my copy of the Feller Collection 1, and ohhhh my golly! Nearly fell O*U*T* of my chair~ it is SO exciting~ the gentleman's cap on page 110 is the EXACT same embroidery pattern. I'm not talkin somewhat similar....I mean exact!

As you can see, it has the motif worked in gold, with the black surrounding it, while the jacket is entirely done in black. I am wondering if these two pieces, separated for so many years, should make it a date and get together~ is the linen the SAME they are worked on??? Perhaps m'Ladye loved her jacket so much, she made her Love a matching cap????? The world is a puzzle, HISTORY is a puzzle, just waiting for all the pieces to get on the same table to be fit together again. Thank the Gods for the Internet!!!!

If you don't have a copy of this wondrous book, it is a definite must have if you have even the slightest interest in 17th c embroidery, clothing or history. I recommend getting it right from the source~ not a cut rate discounter~ you can order a copy here!!!

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Lee Gwo Yinn said...

The jacket must be a splendid sight when new with the silver thread and spangles aglitter in the candlelights