Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday!

" Hmmmm......" , says Dollye Llama....what is going on in there?????

Mamma Meisie had triplets last night :) Two little does and a buck, and all of them look just like their Pappa Luke!

The one on the right here is 'Half Pint', cause she is the little runt, about half the size of her brother & sister. She is still having a hard time getting her legs figured out....

This is the little buck, 'Dollar'....Pip and Emma had a bet going, of how many girls and boys would come. Pip bet on boys, so she is so happy she at least gets one dollar!

And their sister, well she is sweet as ever, but no name yet. They're all resting comfortably and waiting for their Auntie Kate to drop her kids now to get some playmates :) I was figuring Meisie was at least a week ahead of Kate, so a few more days to wait.....

Spring is Here!

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Barbara said...

Such sweet babies!!
LY, Mom