Friday, March 23, 2012

A comical Farmyard Fragment....

Thought you would enjoy seeing this fragment of an early printed child's handkerchief. Perfect for the Spring season....of a rooster eyeing up a baby chick just out of its shell...........

Roller plate printed on linen in brown, this is but one single panel of a collection of several most likely

Both it's size (8.5" tall and 14" across), and the fact that it is hemmed on only 3 sides, suggest it is one of a grouping~ probably 4 tall and 2 across, that would have been cut and hemmed on 2 sides for the large size handkerchief popular in the early 19th c. The common size of single panel late 18th c to 1800 handkerchiefs is around 29" square.

3 sides have been turned and whip stitched in nice, even little stitches

The selvage edge is shown at far left. Across the bottom, it reads "Does your Mother know you're out" The printing is exceptionally fine on this, it could be anywhere from 1800 to 1840's....tho there is just something about it that tells me its most likely from the 1820's to early 30s. There is a popular song written in the 1840's by this name, but the subject of that is a young man, and really has nothing to do with the subject of a young female all alone with a male towering over her asking...ahem, hello there....does anyone else know where you are??? The whole vibe of this reminds me and is so very similar to the first quarter 19th c chapbooks or Sunday school books, meant to teach lessons and such~ would not surprise me a bit to find this exact engraving in one someplace~ something to add to my list to look for!

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