Sunday, January 08, 2012

Intricate Challenges.....

I am not the kind of person that makes 'New Year's Resolutions'....but I do like to identify my goals for the coming year at its start...and usually, I like to start some interesting something I have been meaning to get to, in January. I guess, with starting at the head of the year, in my mind's eye, I will have the next 12 months time to figure out my new whatever-it-is. One of my projects for this year, is knitting more period correct, 18th century fancy pinballs. Now the ones I did last year, were FABULOUS and I absolutely adore them~ and so do my children~ they have all asked me to make them one.....but being....well,me...... I want to make dollye size ones, with precious sayings and mottoes and beads knit into them. yaaaaaaa....right. sounds endearing enough? doesn't it? Above is my start, I am using size 12 DMC coton perle, on 6-ought (000000) lace needles. Evidentally, I have gone absolutely looney, and have a subliminal need to make myself go blind in the process.

I mean...good grief! WHAT THE HECK AM I THINKING????? These blasted needles are smaller in diameter than the straight pins I use for my sewing are!!! And this thread...size 12? My dental floss is bigger. Ohh well, I have started already, so will have to finish :) At least I will have one side done eventually~ how difficult it ends up being, will decide if I actually come out with a finished pinball, or a little framed what-not for dollys wall. The above picture shows 4 completed knit rows, and...gasp, as I am tracking my time, a bit over 5 HOURS of work so far.

post script~ if you read the commetns, you will see one of the little doilies my Mom crochet me so many years ago for the dollye house~ of coarse I still have it! Love You Mom! xoxoxoxox


Barbara said...

Ha! Ha! Sounds like something I would decide I could just whip through, only to find out "this is going to take me a LIFETIME"!!! Try it with sewing thread and a notched darning needle as I did when a certain little girl needed a REAL tablecloth for her doll house! You go's in your genes! :-)
LY, Mom

Rachael Kinnison said...

I know!!! LOL I will go snap a picture of the white one, I have it on the table in the dining room. The blue one was on the back of the sofa, but dont see it there now, one of the cats must have made off with it!
xoxo rachael