Monday, January 09, 2012

I am SO in L*o*v*e!

Isn't he the most handsome precious ever??? Please meet Master Flick. I have had him a while now, since Thanksgiving actually. My husband got him for me for Christmas on our trip to Pueblo for the Christmas tree. I adore woozles :) Too many years ago to count, I was given a little girl ferret for Christmas, Chani~ she was my best friend ever, and I still miss her. They are the most wonderful, comical creatures. Anyway, I always talk about Chani, and even tho I said..."NO!!! We are NOT getting anything that eats or poos!" , Jayson got him for me anyway, and he is soooo darling

Unlike Chani, Flick was born on a weasel farm in upstate NY, and as a domestic type, he is about twice/three times larger than Chani was, but I don't mind his largeness...that means theres just more to snuggle on! He is never still~ either sleeping or getting into absolutely EVERYTHING! He hasn't found his voice yet~ doesn't talk like my Chani did~ she would make the cutest little 'eh eh eh' sounds when she was playing or happy~ nothing like the 'bark' they describe them making these days..... perhaps one day he will remember how to talk.

He loves playing with the big dogs and Dixie, and swimming in the water dishes~ and the children adore him too. How could you NOT love this face?

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Barbara said...

Too cute, but sooooooooooo BIG!!! He looks HUGE!! Guess I'm just used to tiny Chani and think all "woozles" are tiny like she was.
LY, Mom