Friday, December 09, 2011

Wishing you all a Very, Merry, Christmas~

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season, whatever you celebrate! Keep kindness and love in your heart, give a smile to someone you have never met before....realize that every second of every day, is a precious gift. One of the things I really love about Christmas time, is the tree as most know! We have a tree up in the house, and another I keep in the gallery, with my most special, prized ornaments on it. No, they're not solid gold or diamonds....but they are priceless none the less, each keeping a special memory of my life within it. I have made alot of them, at school when I was young, with my Mother, with my own children now~ some have pictures, some dear Dear friends have made for me. I love this tree, and one of my favorite things to do is sit at night beside it, and just stare at them~ they're so magical on the tree.

Some I have had since my earliest memories~ like the Raggedy Ann in the center my Mother painted for me nearly 40 years ago~ she has been with me EVERY Christmas! Tressa crochet me the little wee red stocking hanging beside her, and look, you can see one of my little Wedgwood tile angels near the bottom :)

I have a glass bee on a skep to celebrate our own honey bees, I found it the first year we harvested Honey~ such a special memory with the children all taking turns to spin the combs. My Son made the green Popsicle stick reindeer at school in the first grade, and put his picture in there~ I LOVE those ornaments~ they are sooooo special! Down low, next to a Queen Anne dolly I made, is a glass lobster & trap~ my husbands personal favorite, remembrance of when he once worked on a Lobster boat when we lived in Maine.

Santas and popsicle frames of toothless grins~ so much fun to hunt them on the tree. And center, MY real egg my Mother made for me with Raggedy Ann & Andy within~ I can remember her making them, so careful to blow out the eggs, we simmered the paraffin on the stove to coat the insides with, and glitter....I can also remember having to fenaggle this one from her for my tree. I guess with 4 children, I need to make more ornaments...if they're all going to want them for their own trees when they grow up~ AKKK!!! And finally, my Christmas would not be complete without one of my most favorite paintings from a Dear artist friend, Jane DesRosier. I am lucky enough to own 5 of her gorgeous paintings, but this one is my most favorite of all~

Merry Christmas!

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