Saturday, September 10, 2011

WHAT A Wonderful Surprise & Honor!

Ohh my goodness~ I am so thrilled~ my door for the Trinidad Door Project won Artist Choice! This has been so much fun this year~ and again, THANKYOU SO MUCH to all my fellow artists who voted me the winner, that means so much to me~ words cannot adequately express my humble gratitude!

For those who are not local, our area had a project earlier this year where we got to go rummaging below the Title Co in their wonderfully old and magical basement beneath Commercial Street here in Trinidad, and pick out an old door to turn into a piece of art. To learn more about the project, and see if you would be interested in purchasing a finished door~ go check out the website~ Above is my really neat old pantry door, isn't it great?!

I pondered over a month, looking at it in the studio, waiting for it to tell me what it wanted....I had all sorts of neat thoughts, but one night a little spirit appeared from it, and whispered something I couldn't understand....and it was born. The title scribed on the side is "If Doors Could Talk" .I tried to sculpt the little spirit, and hid him within one of the panels, so one must look closely to see him,

He is olde and very wise....with many secrets from others before him who have closed the door and whispered behind....

I left the hinge plates on, and it is finished on both sides, to indeed be used as a door~ if you are interested in purchasing it, please visit the website or write and ask me any questions you may have. It will need to be picked up locally, there is no shipping offered for any of the doors~ Half the proceeds go directly to benefit the local area arts programs!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXO me

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