Friday, August 05, 2011

One of my evening enjoyments....

I took this picture yesterday of one of my dollye cabinets, I can see it from my computer here, and I really do totally enjoy peeking in on the dollys, especially in the dim light. They look sort of dreamy and mysterious to me :) You can see olde Abby sitting in the foreground holding her little mache, also a M & S Superior. I love dollys!

Speaking of loving dollys~ if you liked Emma Porter, she is on eBay at a special reduced price right now~ I also have been weeding out and have a pre Civil War era pair of boys boots~ really great, with the brass toe caps and wooden pegged soles....and a girls drawn silk bonnet of same era drawn over whalebone canes up for sale~ just click on the link to my eBay specials on the sidebar to go see them~ hope you all are having a WONDERFUL SUMMER!!!

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