Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dollye's Diary~

Thurfsday~ Pet opened my bed early this am. Went riding in the sedan and lost my dear slipper to the back of the seat. I know not what I shall do, so very improper to be without such. Pet is heartbroken over it, but will not listen when I tell her where last it slipped from my foot~

Friday~ napped entirely in my bed today. Was quiet and raining, so no walk or play in the garden.

Saturday~ Bright and sunny today. Wash Day. Spent the day on the bleaching green with Pet.... I hate the smell of
lye soap. At least there are no other ladies to notice my slipper still mifsing.

Sundaye~ !!! Pet has a new kitten...what sorrow! I fear my lost slipper may be the least of my worry. The wretched beast has absconded with my hair. I dare not venture close to the looking glass, for the hideous reflection to see looking back at me.

Wednesday's past~ it has been well over a fortnight since my last entry. After what has seemed like an absolute eternity, Pet has called on me earlie this Am. We have had a wonderful tea on her bed, and I spent the entirety on the heated soapstone. Kitty no where to be seen, thank Goodnefs. The days have become chilly, it will snow soon Pet tells me

Thurfsday~ How could I have forgotten to note, Pet hath fashioned me new wig from a bit of rabbit hide, at least I think it rabbit~ it suits me well, I like it very much. It is not at all tall like my old hair, and is very soft and white as the snow she says is coming....

Christmas Day~ What Joy, the most perfect of gifts, Pet has found and made me gift of my lost slipper. 'tis wonderful to be completely drefsed once more~ but the most precious gift ever, she hath given to me a silver key, and as she fastened it at my hip,

~whispered to my ear, that 'I' will forever be the keeper of the Key to Her Hearte

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Barbara said...

LOVE the story!!
LY, Mom