Sunday, May 29, 2011

Freezin my Brain on Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope you all had, or I guess I should say, are having, a great holiday weekend! I don't prefer all the holiday rush rush and crowds, so we did our camping trip during the week last week at Lathrop State Park here in southern Colorado. Above you can see one of our Spanish Peaks to the south...I am normally looking a the other side of them from the porch here at the house. It was a really fun trip~ the children are already out of school for the summer, and the weather was fairly warm, in the 80s I guess, but a bit windy

Josh and I walked the Hogaback trail several times, and each time we saw different things. I thought this tree particularly stately a picture postcard

Up at the top of the rock dike, they have done core samples on the cedars, and some are over 400 years old! Here is my Josh in front of one of them, all twisted and gnarly....fitting for being that old Id say. He is really loving his 'cut' Dad gave him.....before we left, they locked themselves in our bathroom, and WHAT a ruccus! I knew they were up to something with all the giggling....and out Josh popped with all his hair gone for the summer. He really likes not having to comb it :)

We saw some huge white pelicans, a couple of bunnies, 2 white tail deer does....a bull snake, lots of birds~ here are some of the new fuzzy little geese babies~ so much fun to watch. I took this picture on a walk with Pip to go to the Ranger station for an ice cream... which brings me to the whole 'Brain Freeze' comment before.............nope~ I didn't have any ice cream!

There is a wonderful yarn store in Walsenburg, on the way to the park, and my oldest crochets, so we stopped in and both decided we wanted to knit stockings.....(yes~ can you believe it Ma?) I have never E*V*E*R done a thing with yarn, and let me tell you, I would have to seriously second guess anyone who ever says knitting is 'ohhh so relaxing'!!!! This weekend I have taught myself to knit, and above is my very first ever knitting, and seriously people, I have to concentrate so hard it really makes my brain hurt! Heck I probably have my tongue out and everything~ purling is so difficult for me....but I am getting it. I bought two skeins of this fabulously soft striped wool~ I think I will try and make a dolly blanket out of stockings yet!

Welcome Summer!


Anita said...

If I wasn't so vain I would buzz all of my hair off,too....but I wouldn't look so adorable as your guy. I think I would love to knit too but I just can't add one more thing to my life...I have the yarn because I just love the smell and feel of homespun wool...sigh

Theresa said...

Congratulations!!!!! I've tried a half dozen times to knit and I'm all fingers. I had to give up....LOL.... I have to many hobbies anyway. ;0) Just because I can't knit doesn't mean I don't love the beautiful creations that come from it though. :0)

Barbara said...

I'm so PROUD of you, Rachael! Knitting!!!!!!!!! You'll get the hang of it, then it will be relaxin! Ha! Ha! If yoyu're having problems knitting or purling, you're probably holding your yarn too tight.
Joshie looks so "cool". Sounds like you had a good time on yor trip. Aaron's going to call you, looks like the 23rd for his and Dad's trip to your house. We had a good time....sort of. Sunday and Monday were nice. the rest of the time it POURED on us. LY, Mom