Thursday, November 11, 2010

A New Winter Project.....

I have always had my eye on this early 1900 display case since we have been here in Colorado~ so when the Mercantile in town called me to say they were sadly going out of business, I jumped at the opportunity to get it. Its HUGE, a bit over 8' wide! And so heavy.....I don't exactly have the perfect place for it anymore, as I am kind of a furniture hoard....but I managed to squeeze it into the gallery, and have all sorts of great things planned for it.....first thing being, a nice stripping of the horrid paint!

It is solid oak, and under the hastily applied black paint, is a layer of tan, under that, a layer of white, and under that, a hideous school bus yellow! YUK! I wonder what store could have possibly painted over the beautiful oak, in favor of that color????? In any case, this will certainly be an all winter project, as I am using a non toxic stripper, and lots of elbow grease. :)
My mind is racing with all sorts of pretties that I can fill it with~and when I look at it, I find myself dreaming of all the things it has held over the years....... I wonder how many children stood wishing for something that was inside?

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Margaret said...

What a find! It looks like a perfect display case.