Sunday, November 28, 2010


Spent the day today watching over the children making their little gingerbread houses...didn't they come out cute? I tried my best not to interfere....just a little help to stick the houses together, and they did the rest. All this Holiday cheer, I'm in a Great Festive! I have decided to make Cyber Monday, TOMORROW , a SPECIAL MAKE ME AN OFFER SALE!! No kidding, I'm serious! Feel free to make me an offer on ANYTHING in my ETSY store, or TDIPT Page, and Ill get right back to you~ while I feel the effort and love that I put into each one of my dollys is well worth their listed prices, I also love to share them, and really want anyone who wants one, to be able to give one a home~
If any of you will be in or near the Trinidad area next weekend, I will be selling with my eldest daughter Tressa on Saturday and Sunday December 4 & 5th at the Holy Trinity Academy Craft Faire~ this year it will be at the HTA Soup Kitchen~ if you need directions, just email me~ would love to see you there :)


Barbara said...

LOVE the "houses"!! Trying to figure out who belongs to which one...but can't make up my mind. Lots of snow here, puts me in a Holiday mood. Maybe I'll talk Dad into putting up the lights outside. Wish I was there, I'd "pop-in" on you at the craft fair!!
LY, Mom

Barbara said...

Josh's gumdrop person is adorable!!! Thanks for the who's who of the "artists".
LY, Mom

Margaret said...

These houses are so fancy (and yummy)! I am putting on weight just looking at them.