Thursday, October 07, 2010

Our Growing Boy, & eBay Specials!

Isn't Blokey getting big? Ohh he is such and absolute b*a*B*y!! His back reaches up above my chest now. (see Kate behind him in the bucket?...shes one of my goats, and this is her normal position....) He is a full Simmental bull, and has no idea he is a cow creature...I think he thinks he's a dog. He really gets your attention when he comes a running at you, legs going everywhere, cause he wants to 'play' only defense, is my trusty brush and curry I keep at arms reach~ if hes in a mood or feeling a bit too frisky, I just whip out the brush and touch him anywhere with it, and he goes instantly into la-la land! I mean it, instantly!

Put some Halloweenies on eBay at my lowest prices e-v-e-r~ if you have ever wanted one, now is the time! After this week, they go back to full price in the ETSY store. Hope you all are enjoying Autumn's Splendor and the leaves changing....this is my favoritest time of year!

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