Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you seen this jacket?? The above jacket is an old black and white of a c16teens embroidered jacket in the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland. It is unique to me, for the pattern of the bluebells in its embroidery.... I have been researching colors for Marguarite's embroidered jacket, and would like to study them I know this jacket is included in the Burrell Collection book I have on order, so the Burrell jacket is not the one I am looking for.....this next one is!

See how absolutely similar they are???? Not in construction, but in embroidery pattern? This one is labeled as "The Suffolk Jacket"....and later, I found a far view color photo of it, but is now referred to as the "Bath Jacket". Must have been sold in the 1960s....anyway, I have gone to the Museum of Costume in Bath's website and cannot find it listed. I would very much like to compare the two embroidery patterns. So I am asking any of my readers if they know its accession number, and whereabouts? Leave me a comment or email me please if you have any clues!


Amanda said...

Okay, after poking around on the net, I found a few references, mainly on Elizabethan, which I am sure you have found.
The color photo of the one in Bath has a tie at the very top neckline, this B&W pic of the Suffolk jacket does not have a tie at the top neck, so it still could be two different jackets.
Remember that the embroidery patterns were commercially produced during that era, I seem to remember an article in Costume about this very subject, if you haven't read that, do go and find it! (well the 2000 article does not have this style of embroidery, I am remembering another though)
The Costume museum at Bath redesigned their website some years ago to be even less helpful, they used to have the jacket on it, Using internet archive I found they date it to 1620, but no accession number.
Other photos of the bath jacket I have found

Rachael Kinnison said...

THANKYOU for the links Amanda~ I had not seen the vintageskies83 set~ thankyou very much! The Burrell Jacket is pictured in the current Burrell embroidery book, and yes, the one with the ribbon tie front is still at the Museum of Costume in Bath~ I emailed the collection manager there, and received a reply straight away, she is also sending me a picture postcard of it, so I am a very happy camper! The acession number of the Bath jacket is
BATMC 1.13.132

xoxoxo rachael