Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Bye Marbles.......

Thankyou all so much for your very entertaining guesses in the Prims Mystery Giveaway! Some were really out there, but once I added the hint, it was quite easy to see, that poor little Fleur not only had her poke bonnet upside down for her photograph in Prims, but backwards as well!! Who would play such a horrible, nasty trick???? If you guessed 'Gilly', you were right! What a naughty girl! Well, what to do with such a willful sprite? Having 4 children, I have learned that to get anywhere with punishments, they must be in the right currency, specific to the child~ and Gilly, well, as you can see, I have taken away her precious marbles. What she held most dear to her heart, she has had to forgo.....perhaps she will be able to earn them back, we shall see
No more more playing in the fields with the boys....nope. As part of her punishment, she has had to trade her marbles for more ladylike pastimes~ we have already had lessons in taking tea with Fleur and the other girls, and each afternoon she will sit quietly, posture erect, countenance peaceful, and make lace. I have tasked her with 12 yards, enough for her to trim her new spring ball gown...oh yes, she will be a girly girl weather she likes it or not.
Now, Time for a Winner!
Donna Timms of N.C. woo hoo!!!! I have already emailed you about your pin dollye, so check your email box~ THANKYOU to all of you who played!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I was able to thumb through the premier issue of Prims last evening, and the first thing I noticed was the backwards/upside down bonnet. I felt so bad for her!

Christine LeFever said...

Because you had shared with me your surprise at the their incorrect posing of your dear little "dollye", prior to publication, I did not engage in playing the guessing game. My hat's off to Donna!

All's well that ends well.