Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nature's Paint Pot

Good Heavens! Can you believe it is nye end of March already? Almanac says Spring is upon us, but with our huge snow yesterday, I had my least until I went out to feed and gather the eggs this morning! Just Look at all the beautiful colors! Who needs to buy egg colors at the store, when Nature has provided us such pretties. We have too many girls to count around here....always plenty of eggs! Our Rhode Island Reds & Plymouth Rock's lay the brown ones~ dark & light, and some with speckles....The Arricaunas lay the pretty light blue ones, the 2 bright white ones are duck, and the wee little army green ones are pheasant eggs
Here is an Arricauna egg & one of the pheasant eggs~ see how small they are~ so cute!

My little girl just started laying this past week~ she will be a year old in June~ we dont eat the pheasant we keep, just like having them around, they are sooo beautiful, and greet me with a loud screech when I go out in the mornings

Here are some of the duck eggs~ they are so heavy and big. You can tell a duck egg just by holding it in your hand~ the shell is so soft~ smooth as a baby's bottom! The egg on the right is from a white Peking, and on the left is from a can certainly tell the domesticated egg form the wild one. Duck eggs are used just like chicken eggs, but in particular, they are Heavenly for baking~ you wont make any better cakes and cookies than if you use duck eggs. mmmmmmmmmm

I love eggs~ and every now and again I will find a treasure after a wind storm~ blown out of a tree~ like this little wee weensie thing I found last year~ well, no I didn't find it! My son Josh was out and about and found it in the field~ came running in with 2 of them. I have no idea what bird they come from, but aren't they just precious? shown here with a brown chicken egg and green pheasant egg. I think they all together make the perfect basket of Easter eggs, don't you?


Barbara said...

They're all so pretty! You should blow them out so that even if the bears/foxes/coyotes/"Yeti" eat your chickens, you'll still have some of their eggs!!
LY, Mom

Christine LeFever said...

So beautiful, and of course, I quite agree that the natural organically raised beautiful eggs are far superior to the coloring of eggs. We are not fortunate enough to have our own chicken, so we buy from a local country couple all of our gorgeous eggs. I once had a wee egg similar to your found treasure, and I cherished it for years, but it finally met its end. So sweet your dear egg post.

And, because I am an advertiser in Prims, I got to see the wonderful article of yours. So lovely,dear little writer and artist, Rachel.



Julie said...

I just wanted to wish you and your family a HAPPY and WONDERFUL Easter!!!

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Oh, Rachel, you are such a lucky duck yourself! I would love fresh eggs every day. If I could figure out a way for you t send me some without them breaking, I would make you do it!

Hope the snow has melted by now. The last year I lived in Fort Collins it snowed 26 inches on May 5th! It was AWFUL!

Hope you and the younguns are doing well.

Happy Easter!


Finegan Antiques said...

Nature is so very wonderful and diverse. In something as mundane as eggs She shines. We only need to take the time to see her wonders. The color of your eggs are beautiful and soothing to my soul.