Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Coming to TDIPT & EW Mercantile on 14 September 2009.....

Boy do I have a whopper of an update for you this month! There is sure to be something for everyone! I will have....fourteen.....YES! 14 new dollys to offer! Included therein are the last of my Halloweenies for this year, I wont be making any more punkins or witchy-poos!

I will also have some really stunning primitive Queen Annes for you to consider, as well as an absolutely darling Grodnertal doll. Think squinty. yes. Think Primitive olde antique worn out clothes....yes. 18th century silver lace and antique gems...yes!!!!
Of coarse there will be Dead creatures of the night and coffins and witchys and you cannot have those, without a proper undertaker.....I hope you will drop by and meet Mr. Levritt Pitford, Esq. He is a charming olde fellow!

1 comment:

Lana of Honeysuckle Lane said...

Rachael ~ where on earth did you find the time for so many???
I'l dying to see them all! ;)