Friday, August 07, 2009

I wanted to post about my Baltimore again today for a couple of reasons~ I know~ I know I promised you pictures of Tascha, and those are coming~ maybe even later today~ BUT! I want to say a HUGE THANKYOU! to all who have posted comments, emailed me and even phoned me about how my UFO post has inspired them to go and pick up a project that has been sitting a bit and to finish it~ so CHEERS TO THE FINISHERS! WOO HOO! I am now up to sashing number 76, and have been connecting my blocks into rows~ I must say its very exciting to see them coming together. Certain blocks have sashings appliqued on all 4 sides, while others have none~ kind of like a checkerboard. I pick from the 2 piles of blocks to make the rows, then am planning on attaching the rows to each other from the center out to lessen the bulk I have to carry in my hand while stitching.

Here is row 1 & 2 layed down together so you can see how they will fit.

I apologize for the comments section not working~ I cant figure out why its acting up. Several folks have told me there comments were not accepted, or blogger wouldn't accept their passwords. I do have comment moderation 'on', as I get a ridiculous amount of weird spam comments....but if you leave a comment, I will approve it! Here is an email I received yesterday ~

"Hello, my old friend! Just had to laugh and then comment on your blog posting. Wasn't it many moons ago when I was helping you count those insane little "teeth"? Actually, I love the fact that you've never finished only makes you more human, my dear! I mean, do I, myself, have a finished Baltimore? Do I even have a finished top? Do I not have the beginnings to at least four....all on different backgrounds, and different sizes so they cannot even be combined? Tis a sickness, of course...but I am DETERMINED to not leave this earth without at least one finished one hanging on my wall! So determined that I'm even taking a Baltimore class here in Phoenix, to, hopefully, give me that push I need.
So, I will check in with you (or up on you) from time to time via email (your blog doesn't like my comments...says it doesn't recognize my password).
So, didya' do your three hours today??
Big Baltimore hugs from someone who totally understands!

And to answer you Pam~ YES~ I got it done!!!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Like everything you make, it's gorgeous. When it's done, you'll see it was worth the trouble. And whoever ends up with it when you are long gone will appreciate it more than you can know.

Theresa said...

Your quilt is looking lovely...keep going... your doing a beautiful job. :)