Sunday, August 02, 2009

My Sanity in Question......

Have you ever had one of those moments when you question the sanity of the task you currently have at hand? As in "How on earth did I get myself into this?' I have had several of these moments as of late. In trying to reinforce the commitment I have made to myself to resolve my current issue, I would like to share it~ so all will know my weakness, and please feel free to continually nag and poke and prod at me to ask how things are coming along.

So the issue? well. Its not really an issue, but more like an obsession. I have for years and years....ahem, even dare I say, decades, admired and studied Baltimore Album quilts...even to the point of teaching this beautiful art of hand applique to others. I love the history behind the designs, and stitching up individual blocks! My weakness comes in actually 'doing' anything with the blocks I have stitched. I have drawers of blocks....all carefully wrought faithful reproductions of original c1850 Baltimore blocks. I have stacks of drafted patterns~ for blocks and whole quilts, ready and waiting to be stitched as I write this!

I have always had and KEPT my rule, for as long as I have been alive on this earth, that I will not, and cannot start something new, with an olde something not finished yet......except when it comes to my Baltimores. I don't know why this is? It has actually kept me up nights thinking about it. They nag at me and wont get out of my mind....yet I can never seem to find the time to get them together into an actual quilt top. For latest set of blocks...have sat dormant since I had Pip nearly 4 Y*E*A*R*S ago! akkkkkkkkkkkk

Golly I just cannot get myself to work on getting the blocks stitched together~ the thought of it makes my skin crawl in dread at times. Its all due to the fact that when I was designing this particular Baltimore, I had just seen a wonderous c1850 album that had the blocks put together with these particular sashings....wonderful I thought. It will be superb! I thought. I paid no never minds to the teensy weensie dog teeth I was drawing on my strips of beautiful red cotton....and no never mind that the original quilt was crib size, and only made up of 4 blocks. What could it matter I thought?

Well , now,~ all I can think of is that I must have been absolutely INSANE to do this! These things are crazy! I set up my blocks on point to top it off.....which is all just totally mind boggling to me now~ that I could have been that naive or stupid! But, being a virgo~ I am a perfectionist, as well as a bit pig once I start something, I WONT go back and change it for anything.....which leaves me with this headache I am in now. Unfinished business. nag nag nag nag nag nagging at me all the time!

SO! In one last valiant effort to rid myself of this unfinished beast, I have swore an oath to my self, a solemn promise, that I will work on and complete ONE sashing a day, until this is finished! Each one takes me about 3 hours to hand stitch, so I am trying to do it first thing, before I can work on anything else in the day! PLEASE feel free to write and ask how they are coming on~ the stitching isn't hard really~ just very tedious, and I am finding that the bulk of the top as its coming together is very hard to work around. I am on no#70 of 128, not including the outside border, that in all honesty, will most likely end up being left off!


Barbara said...

Keep at it, Honey! You've worked too hard for too many years on the blocks to just let them sit in a drawer and not be loved!!!
LY, Mom

Theresa said...

Rachael... you can do it besides it looks beautiful and it should be hanging on one of your walls. It's to nice to have it hidden away. I do understand the UFO problem though I have a whole basket full and some of them are older then five years... but every once in awhile I do take one out of that basket and finish it. Keep at it.... I want to see pictures of your Baltimore beauty completed. :)



CARole said...

Rachael, it won't be easy getting this done. I think once you put something down, it's hard to get back to it again. I have a lovely sampler I started close to 20 years ago. I only have a tiny bit to do, but do you think I can get it done, no. It drives me crazy and when I get back home I am going to get it out again and start finishing it. I will check in with you, and nag you, if you will do the same. Deal? btw, you pieces look gorgeous. What is the writing I see? Show more photos please.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

Yup. It's official, Rachael. You are a Crazy Artist. ;-) Long ago I realized that I love quilts but don't want to make them. Unless they're paper or painted.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thanks for stopping in Dix! I make mine up on paper first~ does that count? Maybe I should just stop there :)

Its a DEAL Carole!!!! Yes Yes yes! I want to see your beautiful sampler too~ I have had many requests for more pictures, so if that is what folks want to see~ I will take more!

xoxoxoxo rachael