Monday, March 16, 2009

What I been up to..........

I have been so busy! The weather has been so nice and warm, its kicked me into my spring cleaning mode waaaay to early! One morning I decided I didn't like the carpet in our bedroom anymore, so O*U*T* it came. I took everything out~ well except the big bedstead, cause it was just too olde and heavy and didn't wanna move. We now have nice clean tiles on the floor, and everything is so clean and fresh, it has made me start some of my other 'freshening up' projects I have been putting off for way too long. I have finally decided on how I am going to start my mural on the wall going down the stairs to my little I spent a few hours filling in a zillion holes (the outer wall is cement, and so 'holy' it looked like a slice of Swiss cheese.) I have my rough sketch done, and think it will look pretty neat once I get it done....certainly better than the plain white wall~ how boring.
I listed this olde hunchy-punchy girl on ETSY today~ I am so excited to offer her~ she really came out n*e*a*t! She is a primitive punkin for Halloween.......but she is in fact TWO dollys in one. Olde Lady Moon on one side, and her younger self on the other. She can be displayed so many different ways~ standing or sitting~ I have wired her arms so they bend in both directions to nicely pose either dolly, and her legs I made to turn both ways too~ hope you'll go check her out and tell me what you think!

I'm also tidying up the gallery a bit, trying to make room for the new display case whenever it comes~ I'm getting so anxious! I have wanted it for so long, and has already been a month since I ordered it.....should be coming in the first week of April, plenty of time for me to scrub the floor and move my people around :)
AND!!! I finally finished Marguarite's wig! It came out sooo precious. I was worried I wouldn't have enough hair and would have to cut me some more...but I had just about the right amount~ with even a little smidgy to spare. She is still in line waiting to be dressed~ when shes presentable, Ill be sure to put a picture of her on here.


Heather said...

oh, she's so spooky and fun! love her! cant wait to see the mural when you do it. Its so nice here too...all the windows, how I'd love to rip out our carpet...but there's just cement under it! boo!

Atticbabys said...

You have been a busy girl Rachael!
I love this lady and your squinty sisters are to die for!!
Can't wait to see Margarite and her new wig and the mural, oh my!!!
I think I need a nap now that you've completely tired me out by just hearing of it all, phew~~ ;-)