Saturday, January 17, 2009

What WAS I thinking?????

Have you ever had one of those wonderful ideas, and then half way thru your execution of it, thought~ 'what the heck was I thinking????' I thought I would start my new year off by making a new Queen Anne doll. I have had a super gorgeous pair of antique glass eyes for a couple of years now, saving them for just the right dollye.....they're so beautiful~ early 1830-40, pupil-less black glass eyes....but the size. ::::sigh:::: they are as big as my own!!!! I think they may have been either mannequin eyes, or maybe even eyes from a life size fashion doll (how wonderful to think of!) last week, I finally decided I was going to make that doll this year! It is turning out to be utterly ridiculous~ I have to sculpt in stages because of her size....and it is very strange to me, trying to sculpt dollye while cradeling her head under my armpit like a football. I worked on her a bit this morning, and the whole time, I just kept thinking to myself....'this is so crazy!'. I became so bothered by her size, that I had to put her down and sculpt 2 wee little Queens to make myself feel better!

I am so OCD about having UFO's around(un finished objects), I know I will finish her, but golly~ could be all year trying to get her right! I think about working on her, and within minutes, my mind thinks up all the things that I want to do this year, and should be doing instead...I want to paint a mural in the stairwell down to the studio.....pull up the carpet off the stairs and make a new painted floorcloth to cover them......I want to hang new sheet rock and stencil the walls in my bedroom......not to mention our kitchen. I still haven't got my Baltimore Album Quilt Top pieced together yet....(my one and only UFO)~ so writing it all down now, actually makes me think maybe starting this big dollye was a good thing~ cause at the end of the year, either she will be done, or Ill have a beautiful mural & floorcloth going down to the bedroom or kitchen......maybe Ill even get my quilt top finished~ COOL!!!!

photo: back of green brocaded silk open robe, American, c1770


Barbara said...

KITCHEN FIRST!!!!! With 4 children, you NEED a stove!!
LY, Mom

Christine LeFever said...

Oh Rachael, yes, I do that a lot, and I have a galaxy of UFO's! Perhaps it would have been better to have sculpted your big doll in wood? Nah.

I'm with your Mom, the kitchen beckons!


Rachael Kinnison said...

No! Not the kitchen! After having sat with the designer and seeing the price tag, I really DONT want to do it at all.....I mean~ I dont really NEED a stove do I??? We have a bbq, and a hotplate, so Im thinking it all good!
xoxoxo rachael

Heather said...

Wow, Im sure this doll will be amazing!