Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day at the Plaza......

No...not the Plaza Hotel....the 'Madrid Plaza'. Our property here in Southern Colorado sits directly ON the Santa Fe Trail~( there are spots of the trail visible here and there)....and our house is directly in the center of the Olde Madrid Plaza where the olde Adobe Commissary stood in the 1860's. It is such a gorgeous Autumn day out today, I thought Id share some pictures I took while we were enjoying the sun. Isn't my lil Pip getting B*I*G! Still Mommy's baby tho

What a ham bone~ I cant even keep the dolly's inside today! Jug is out talking to his crows again........

This is of the new barn kittens. We 'had' 4 roosters....well that was just too many so we sent Hootie to live with my MIL. Jayson went to give Bud, the big Buff Orrington, to our neighbor up the canyon, since he had decided Pip and Emma were evil that must be spurred out at all he, (husband) comes home with OUT the rooster, but WITH 2 kittens! Somebody got a good deal there..............(if anyone knows a secret recipe to feed a man so he will STOP bringing things home that eat & poo, let me know) I have to go find the other kitten...

Akk! Nope~ not Otis! LOL....This is Mr. Giving~ so ugly~icious, don't you think? Ohh he's a sweetie tho, my favorite boy!

Nope, this isn't the new kitten either~ wonder where he's off to? The girls are enjoying scratching around in all the fallen leaves today....I love their foofy heinies!

Here he is! This is Otis. Can you guess where we picked the names, 'Milo & Otis'? They are best of friends, litter mates, and golly if they get out of sight of each other they just meow and meow and meow!
Here is Squeak. She is my little Mallard female~ she's had a big week this week! At 6 & half months old, she started laying eggs on Friday. Strange enough, they aren't green tho~ nice medium size white eggs. She has made a nest between two bales of grass hay on the floor in the corner of the chicken pen. I love the waxy coating of duck eggs, they are so baby soft~ much softer than a chicken egg. MIL loves to use them for baking. Maybe this spring I will let her sit and hatch a few lil babies.....but for right now, we are ALL enjoying this wonderful Autumn day!


April said...

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Christine LeFever said...

Darling little Pip has to be the happiest of little girls with all of your beautiful pets Rachael. Oh I adore those kittens. Alas, my only pets are squirrels and birds, all outside. And I feed them well!

Love all of your fowl. They are fabulous!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!

Heather said...

Wow. You are surrounded daily by such rich history and beauty! It must be so inspiring. Your little one is so darling, I bet they have so much fun with all their little creatures :)