Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Meet Grete........

Please meet 'Grete'. I really love how my latest Christmas dolly came out~ she has been 'so' patient..... there is an entire years worth of stories she could tell you! When sculpting her, I actually had...dare I say.........a boy in mind~ being that Mr. Jack Frost. I found the most absolutely deeeelicious blue angora mohair........but no matter what we made of the wigs, she was not happy, and neither was I! So she has made me company for some months, and we have had many talks and dreams together. So this is what comes, of taking it s*****l*****o*****w.

Grete is keeper of the frost....... with a wave of her silver glass glittered wand, there too goes a wispy curl of frost~ the most beautiful little ice crystals that each twinkle and dance in the faintest of light....

Grete wears antique c1880 blue paperweight glass eyes~ they look so deep, and so REAL.

I also make jewelry, and absolutely adore making jewelry for my dollys~ Grete wears a real seed pearl necklace with a micro faceted moonstone briolette focal set between 2 wee antique steel cut beads. Her dangle earrings are made to match, the blue fire REALLY pops in these stones. Nothing but the best for my girls!

I pleated Grete's bodice and added dainty chain stitching to accent the lines(all by hand of coarse). Her gown is dusted with antique Titanic Era celluloid snowflakes~ soo pretty and sparkly!


Barbara said...

She's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! You ARE keeping her....aren't you??
LY, Mom

Doreen said...

Rachael..you amaze me over and over again with each new creation. Grete is fantastic!!!!


Bittersweet Pastimes said...

What a beautiful doll! Your detail is always amazing. - Deb

Atticbabys said...

You've done it again Rachel! She is a Beauty!!! I could get lost in those eyes!

Heather said...

she's beautiful! your dolls are always so gorgeous~

Nina said...


She is stunning! I remember drooling over a little snow queen you offered last year on E-bay. Clara and Winnifred are enjoying their new home! How are the royal pumpkins doing?