Monday, February 18, 2008

A New Place to Shop Diamond K Folk Art

First, I must apologize to all my friends in Bloglandia for getting behind yet again on the Blog! The children and I all have a nasty flu virus or something, just cant seem to be rid of it! We will be on our way tomorrow to hospital for xrays on Pip's leg~ both her & I both are quite tired of her cast! Grandpa is also very ill, and its got us all plum wore right out!

I have not been happy with the looks of the Mantua Maker's Mercantile, its just not what I invisioned, so I would like to announce that I am now on You can find me here I will be adding my new dollys and pretties there, as my time allows.
This is one of my latest little papered & watercolored mache shoe boxes~ one just can't have a new pair of shoes without a pretty box~ can they??? This one is just an inch wide and inch&half long! (Pardon the clay on my hands~ I have been working on a new Biedermeier Dolly)


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Oh my, preciuos. I would like to see the shoes please.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone is feeling better.


Barbara said...

Was wondering when you were going to get your Etsy link on your blog! Love the little shoe box! Get more rest (now doesn't THAT sound like a Mom?)
LY, Mom

Lone pierette said...

Hi Rachel - love the little shoe box - can´t wait to see your Biedermeier !


Christine LeFever said...

As Einstein said "The one true constant, is change." This will be very exciting for you to be on Etsy!

The wee shoes and the darling box are adorable!

I'm almost done with that wretched cold/virus too! The best to you and your dear little family in health!


Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the wee box Rachael, and would love to see the shoes to go in it! :) I just "heartd" you on Etsy, and glad to see you joined the community there!

SweetAnnee said...

Well if that isn't the CUTEST
lil thing I've ever seen

you are amazing dear.

Hope to hear dear Pip is doing
wonderful !!!

fondly, deena

Suzanne said...

How sweet these are Rachael. Hope everyone is on the mend.

Lana said...

Dear Queen of Teeny-Tiny ~ the shoes and the box are adorable! Glad to see you on etsy. I'm going over to heart you right now! Is the Mantua Maker's Mercantile a website?

Lana said...

Opps! Soon as I commented I saw the link.... off to look now...