Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Pippin.........
Well, we had 'planned' to show you some of the pictures we took the other day, of Lil Pippin modeling a pretty yellow 1820 dress & pantaloon.......but today she fell out of the top bunk of her sister's bed and broke her leg! We are fresh home from Hospital, with her temporary cast, and will be going back to get the plaster one put on tomorrow. Shes quite happy now with her medecine, and is looking foreward to being able to 'color' on it tomorrow. We'll get some pretty pictures of her on soon!


Barbara said...

OK, Mom, you've got to do "Distance Grandma Duty" for me. On her new cast, put a BIG Heart with a kiss SMACK in the middle for me and tell her that's her "Make It Better" kiss from her Grandma and Grandpa!
LY, Mom

anniebeez said...

Oh Rachael! I'm so sorry! I hope she is feeling better real soon! I know how traumatic these things are for Mommy too!hugz~Annie

April said...

Oh! Poor baby. Nothings harder then watch your babies get hurt, of course nothing is more inevitable

SweetAnnee said...

Oh lil Pippin..I know it HURTS
she needs extra love.
give her a hug from


Lana said...

Rachael, give her a hug and a smooch from me and sneak her a brownie or two when you aren't looking, lol!