Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Brief Respite~

We just returned from a camping trip up to Monument Lake, about 20 miles from us here in Colorado~ I thought you all would enjoy a few pictures I took, especially my very goode friends in Spain, Brasil, Denmark, Germany & Italy! Above is a picture of the Great "Stone Wall", hence the township's name of 'Stonewall' Colorado.... isn't it beautiful
Looking south west from our campsite, everything is soooo green this year
Here is our view from the camper~ the children wanted to sleep in their own can just see my son Josh's head down in the corner there....what a grand time he had finding things on the sandy beach, and fishing..............
Here is my smallest, Pippin I call her....I must admit I spoil her something horrible~ she's my little 'mini me'~ was born on her Grandma Ioerger's birthday, and just 5 days from my own
We weren't the only ones fishing....this chappy fellow was up eating his breakfast when I came out of the camper this morning~ hes got a lil trout there...............
We watched him for about an hour, he was just mosey~ing one point he lay down in the grass~ I thought he was going to take a nap! He eventually got up and worked his way right over, about 14 feet from where I was standing, before he got his last fish, we looked each other in the eye, and decided it would be best to go our separate ways.
Of coarse I couldn't go camping without taking a bit of sewing...but you'll have to wait a bit to see what I was working on this time..................


Lorraine said...

Beautiful pics!! I hope you had a wondeful time and you're feeling okay...boy, are you brave to get those pic's of Mr. Bear:o)!

Annie said...


Wendy said...

Beautiful....and looks like you guys had lots of fun too! Way cool that you had front row seats watching that bear!

Suzanne said...

Rachael, what beautiful photos! Glad you were able to get away...and glad your back safely!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

I would not have gotten that close to that bear. . . Glad you had a good time and hope your back is okay!


SweetAnnee said...

Oh a lucky girl
as long as he's way over there
you're safe ..and he's CUTE
Your trip looks rugged .hope
you had fun..I'm sure the kiddles

Sylvia Anderson said...

Beautiful photo's, and I'd have to say that you look to be a bit too close to that bear for my comfort! ;) Glad you were not on the bear's menu for the day! Ha, ha...