Saturday, August 25, 2012

A mid 18th c  Dainty Pearl for your Pleasure~

 This shoe is a single survivor from c1750. Made same as an adult's, but so tiny, for a young very affluent  little girl. The wonderfully stocky 1" Louis heel covered in pink silk to match the flowers in the silk brocade upper. Remnants of the original pink silk binding remain on both latchets. A scant 5" from back of heel to toe, pictured in front of an adults pair of shoes for size comparison.  Actually looking at the picture now, it is the little subtle details that tell a certain fashion era from the other~ the child's shoe has the broad chunky heel and round toe of early 18th c. The later adults pair has pointy toe and tall Italian heel. Now look at the tongue shape~ pointy as well, so we can firmly date the adult pair to 1780s and no earlier.

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Anita said...

Thanks for sharing this....I love your history lessons