Monday, May 21, 2012

I just couldnt be any prouder of my wee ones!!!

  I had to postpone my dolly post for a day to just oooze pride in my children for one moment :)  Our oldest daughter was welcomed into National Honor Society last week, and this week, among their other academic awards, all 3 of my wee ones got the Artist of the Year award for each of their entire grades!!! I am SO PROUD of them~ (I guess they are my children after all~ heheh).    Art does so much to open the mind to so many ways of thinking and problem solving~ not to mention honing motor skills and coordinating the mind to work physically with different parts of the body. I encourage anyone, no matter HOW old, so sit down and make something...anything! Draw something...color or paint...on what it doesnt matter, just express one's self!

I was so surprised, and SO proud of them this morning~ Congratulations to my Kinnison Peeps~ I hope we have the greatest summer ever!


Barbara said...

Tell the kids their Grandma and Grandpa are all puffed up with pride!! We've got the coolest Grandkids around!!! Great job, kids!! Love you LOTS!

Judi Hunziker said...

I have always believed that what is instilled in us as a child remains always with us in our journey thru life. That being said you have done a good job inspiring them in the arts at a young age, good for you and congrats to them! Judi Hunziker