Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knit Pin Balls on eBay~

Aren't these just wonderful? I have listed some on eBay today just, you can find them by clicking on the link to my eBay specials on the sidebar over there~

I love early 18th century pin balls~ they are so wonderful, and so hard to find! Most are collected as art today, but they really are a handy tool if you sew, and are even more important to adding to your period representation of you are a reenactor. No 18th c ladye would have been without one hanging from her belt or in her hidden pocket~ in a time when ones clothing was pinned together to fasten, instead of hooks or buttons, a pin ball provided the perfect little space needed to keep your extras all tidy. I have knit these from cotton, and stuffed them hard with Cotswold wool so they will keep your pins conditioned too. I have also listed a larger pin drum or ball, with a center hanging cord, and the 6" long narrow one . There are dollye specials too, so hope you'll go take a peek!

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