Sunday, May 31, 2009

Diamond K Folk Art 'Dollye Couture'....

I love making dollys, but I don't know which I like best, making the doll, or her clothes! I revel in the weensiest little details, and so many times they get lost in the big picture. I have several types of dollys that I make, but my 'Grande Dames' are the most special of them all. These dollys are a bit larger, have their own trunk or box, and come with removable wardrobes...some even with interchangeable wigs. Most all the clothing on my Grande Dames are reproductions of early garments, completely hand stitched with the utmost skill and care.

This photo shows the inside of a reproduction pannier hoop~ you can see the ties inside it that shape the wooden cane hoops, just like the original one. This one is property of Ladye Georgianna Juniper....
I would describe my Grande Dames as my 'dollye couture', as they are the best of the best that I make. Every now and then, on very special occasions, these dollys and their owners could be invited to take part in special soiree's and events....dolly's do love to party....and who could resist a chance to have new clothes made!

This is the quilt pattern I drafted for Ladye G's quilted silk petticoat. The design as you see it is exactly taken from a 3rd quarter 18th century quilted petticoat, but because of the scale I am working, I did not quilt the zig zag in the center of the large swags.

It took me 42 hours of hand quilting to quilt this coat~ I used a precious baby pink silk taffy over a flannel lining for a smidge of loft

Spending so many hours on her coat, I didn't want to cover it all over with a dress or robe, so Ladye G is getting a jacket to match~ a reproduction c1720-40. This is the first sleeve being pinned in.

I love to work with silk, but it does ravel, so all the seam allowances that are showing get overcast.

This is her basic jacket's bodice completed. The front flaps are faced, and awaiting to be joined with the skirting
I fit the pleats to her waist before fitting them to the jacket, to be sure they layed correctly

Here is the back view of her new jacket. The hem of the skirting will have some wonderful trim, and the front will be laced over a stomacher....but that is left for us tomorrow.....


Barbara said...

This is going to be soooooo pretty when you get it done! Can't wait to see it finished! Are you bringing this one home with you?LY, Mom

Julie said...

She and all of her clothes Look absolutely AMAZING!!!'
Thanks for sharing,