Monday, April 13, 2009

New Dollys & Current 'projects'

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. We had a nice wet snow, which we really needed. Its all gone already, and everything is back to being green. Hope you will stop by the TDIPT Mercantile tomorrow evening of the 14th, to see 3 new precious dollys I will have to offer.....
Here is a picture of the mural I am painting going down to my studio.....not to 'Rufus'-y looking yet. I haven't had time to work on it for nearly 2 weeks now~ don't know where the time goes! I have been sick alot lately, the whales got painted early one morning, about 1am, while everyone else was sleeping. I figured~ why waste time rolling around AWAKE in the bed. I still have much to do on it~ this wall will have a house in the foreground above the whales there, and I need to do something with that hideous tree. I am not happy with how the foreground tree trunks came out, but I'm not worrying about it until I get finished with them, I am hoping they will look better with their sponged on foliage. In any case, it does look much better than plain ol cement!

We have been rearranging the line of the fencing outside~ Josh is trying sooo hard to pull up the t-post. He was hopping up and down on the jack with all his weight and it would hardly budge, but he finally got it out! Tootie & Puddle, 2 of my drakes, went to live with friends of ours, as 3 males is just not good for only one female duck. Squeak is already soooo much happier. We have also culled down to just one rooster, for now anyways~ with my current luck, every one of the chicks will be a rooster!

Last year one of our neighbors cows got out, and they ended up roping her right in the middle of our this year, a new fence is going up around the garden, before Jayson plants a single seed!


Barbara said...

Farm looks great! Tell J I'm PROUD of him as I'll bet he SWEAT putting in that fence!! Ha! Ha!
LY Mom
Your wall is going to be soooooooo COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

Julie said...

Hi Racheal, Sorry to hear you have not been feeling well, I hope you are on the road to recovery. Its hard to get into the swing of things when you don't feel well.
I can't wait to see the new dolls on tdipt. Just the little seek peek looks wonderful. I am thinking little boo peek,just because i saw the staff, I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
A new fence how wonderful, I need a couple of those around here myself, and let me not forget your murel. I think it is looking wonderful. I can envision the house and all the other splenders you will paint. The trees, to me look fabulous and will be even more so with their leaves. Thank you for the little seek peek into your world, feel better and God Bless,Julie

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your mural is going to be absolutely fabulous! I always wanted an old house with a dining room mural that is indeed 'rufus'esque!

Doreen said...

That peek of your dolly is wonderful..her dress fabric looks stunning!

You have wonderful vies from your home...I love to see that CO landscape! HOw wonderful to have livestock too!


Christine LeFever said...

Is that one single raised bed there? I am not terribly knowledgeable about life on the farm, but oh how I would love to be!

I love the previous post of Pip and your beautiful Yetti. What a splendid idea leaving the fluffs of doggie hair for the bird's nests. You are so smart!

Yep, spring is what Easter is all about for me too. It is the new beginning, the new life. Take care and continue, in Tasha style, to Take Joy!



Rachael Kinnison said...

Ha HA! So many have asked me what the 'wooden box' is there~ so dont feel silly Christine! Yes~ It is the first of many new raised beds that will go in this year. We have horrible adobe clay soil, and with my decrepid excuse for a body, Jayson is raising the beds in hopes I may be able to help out with the weeding and such, cause now I dont at all because its very hard for me to bend over. He is also 'contrapting' bed covers that look like little covered wagons, that will fit over each one to keep the hail and such out....and his 'chicken tractors' that will also fit over each...but that is good fodder for entire blog posts of their own! Windex, (the chicken who lives in our DINING ROOM)...has voulenteered to test out the first tractor, so stay tuned for that!
xoxoxo rachael

Heather said...

love your new dollys! so beautiful. your home is beautiful too-- my girl will be so excited to hear that you named the ducks Toot and Puddle, we watch that show every morning ;)

Glad you had a happy easter!~