Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's in YOUR pocket????

I laugh every time I see that commercial...the 'what's in your wallet' one.....because I'm thinking...I can't make a witchy that small...but I could make one to fit in a pocket! I debuted a new 'line' of sorts this year~ little "Pocket Witches" & "Pocket Punkins". I will have to honestly say, they are extremely darling! Here are 5 all lined up ready to go ~ each in their own hand stitched box with excelsior straw wadding to make their journey more comfortable.....
Each are Original, one of a Kind wee little dollys.........hence their names.....Pocket so and so! Of this last group, "Smoot" is my favorite~ she is on the extreme right in the picture~ she's a lil puritan punkin and dressed in all antique bits~ well they all are dressed entirely in antique silks and laces.
Shhhhhh...don't tell Rose~Amond that I got a picture of her~ she is an olde witche, and when she was younger, was much more glamorous....why~ shes still got 3 beauty marks! I love her crooked nose and pointy witchy~poo chin!
Barley is very tall and skinny....her regency dress is a beautiful punkin orange silk taffy that I have inked on little punkins~ see some of them dancing across her chest there?
Its hard to get the idea of how little these are~ just 7"(not including their hats) tall on their stands! This is Lilly I'm holding....with her wonderful olde paper hat! These girls are all spoken for, but if you find yourself in need of a pocket witch, or punkin~ just drop me an email or comment, and you can special order one!


Barbara said...

They're ADORABLE!!! Can't you just see them popping in and out of corners and all sots of "hidey" places on Halloween, having a regular BALL! I'll bet they can't wait!
LY Mom

Christine LeFever said...

They are fabulous!

Christine ~ Zwee!!!!!!!!!

Atticbabys said...

I love them each and every one Rachel!!!
And you are so right, until I saw the pic of you holding one I really could not imagine they were so tiny! What detail in such wee beauties.
:-) Nan

SweetAnnee said...

oh you NEVER cease to amaze me..
you make THEE BEST dollies..
and these are no exceptions.


Lone Pierette said...

Rachael I so love everything you do !
( I have given you an award but you don´t have to accept it if you don´t want to !)
hugs Lone

Kingfisher Farm said...

These are delightful, who gets them? I mean who is the lucky person, a shop? Pam

Lana said...

Rachael they are so SWEET, even if they are witches!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thankyou girls! No Pam~ Im not selling in any shops currently~ and THANKYOU Lone for thinking of me! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!

Wendy said...

Wow Rachael...those pocket dollies are fantastic! Your work is always delightful to see...more more more please :)

Theresa said...

WOW!!! These dolls are amazing!!!! May I ask how much they are???? I just might need to get my self one :)



Ps... I think Barley is my favorite!!!

Sharolyn said...

I love the little dollys! I would really like to purchase one. Would that be possible and let me know the price? Thank you.


Heather said...

oh my goodness!!! They are ADORABLE!~

......Thimblefolk.......Barb McNamara said...

Oh Rachael, they are perfect!!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful Rachael! These look like very SWEET witches!