Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day Dreams

I can remember as a child how I would sit and ponder things....whenever my mind decided it had had enough of reality. I never knew exactly when, and it seems like it was always the 'wrong' when I had been told by Ma to go and get something, or to do something. I would honestly start out with good intentions, but my mind would have its own agenda and soon I would be laying down in a field of flowers out by the big olde chimney looking up at the clouds.....instead of doing the dishes.

Mollye Pickett asked so sweetly this morning to wear the Grande straw bonnet that she found packed carefully away in a box up in her Grandmother's attic....and it fit her so perfectly. She has worn it proudly all day, out picking strawberries in the fields by the Olde Towne Road, but alas time has come for her to put it back..........yet she hesitates. I called for her to come help me get the little ones ready for bed, and when she didn't come promptly, I came up and caught her gazing deeply into the olde hatbox. I wonder where she is, and what wonderful adventure she is on?


Lana said...

I was known for daydreaming too Rachael ~ must be in the blood of creative types. Mollye is beautiful. Is she already going to a new home?

Lorraine said...

Mollye is just so wonderful, as all your gals are...I'm a daydreamer and proud of it:o)!
Hope you're doing well!!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Howdi girls! Thankyou for visiting! Little Mollye will be available on my May 15th TDIPT update

Suzanne said...

One does need a straw bonnet to shade oneself while picking strawberries...and Mollye wears it beautifully! She is lovely Rachael!

Christine LeFever said...

Oh but she is a beauty! You do have a way, Rachael!



Wendy said...

Hi ya Rachael....oh do I remember having lots of daydreams...and still do! I love your dolly she is wonderful!!!