Wednesday, October 17, 2007

May Ye a Bountiful Harvest Have~
Tis the season of harvest~ I hope all of my readers find themselves knee deep in pumpkin, corn, squash and potatoes! Alas, the one super human zucchini plant has ceased its over production and gone to sleep for the winter. YAY! I have spent the last few days cleaning up the garden tidbits out into the compost....all except the corn stalks. We froze more corn on the cob this year than any before~ and I love decorating with the stalks. Just tied up with twine on the fence posts makes for a most festive Fall welcome to my visitors.
One of my goode friends Edyth O'Neill sent one of her precious antique China dolls to come play with me~ she is holding her above. You can see her blog here 'Rachael' is by far the largest doll I have ever had pleasure of dressing~ nearly 30" tall.
I had in mind another c1850 print for her dress....but Rachael liked this one could I say no to this sweet face? She wears a strand of Peruvian blue opals around her neck.
I wasn't the only one to get attached to Dear Rachael! Thank you Edyth for letting her come to visit us at the Inn


Anonymous said...

What a great doll! And dress!
Wow : )

Lorraine said...

That dollie is just so wonderful..Lucky you that she came to visit:o)! Your real doll is a beauty too!!

Mica Garbarino said...

You did an EXCELLENT job in dressing her.. Oh I am in love with this sweet doll .
P.S I love your dolls very much!!!


Dixie Redmond said...

Beautiful dress, Rachael!

Edyth said...

Dear Rachael, thank you thank you! I will call the doll Rachael for you, and treasure her always. Fine feathers do make the bird!!! I am overjoyed with her!!

Christine L said...

What an amazing feat to dress such a marvelous doll. And that it is Edyth O'neill's to boot! Edyth is in the same league as Tasha Tudor!

I have never seen better workmanship on dress making than yours.


Suzanne said...

What a beautiful dollie and daughter! Wonderful work Rachael!

Lana said...

Wow, Rachael, you did anexcelent job on the clothing!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Rachael, how special for you to have one of Edyth dolls come for a visit and what a fine dress you have made for her!!!!!