Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Blessings

 Heaven's Sake, can you believe Easter Sunday is here?  I hope you all have a wonderful Day with your loved ones and family.  Easter in our family is a time of reflection and celebration~ a time we share the true religious meaning of Easter, but also a time to celebrate not only Jesus rising from the tomb, but all of the rising life of spring too. The weather is getting nicer, the children have spent the day today out planting new flowers and bulbs in the flower beds, the winter has been so long and cold its nice to be out and about.

 Theyre not the only busy bees...Ladye Bunny has come along, taking her little ones for a special Easter outing in the egg cart. Theyre dressed in their best little silke gowns~ Mamma has a little picnic surprise waiting for them on the knoll just past Tuckman's Marsh~ its going to be SO much fun~ I wish you all could come!

  I adore wee little things~ they make me happy~ little Blackie is not even a whole INCH tall! Whatever your pleasure, I wish you the most Blessed & Happiest of  Easter Dayes

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