Thursday, September 27, 2012

Surprisingly enough.....
 I didn't get the heebie jeebies when I found this pretty furry  tarantula on the way home from market a few days ago~ I think because she is actually so huge~ as big as my hand no kidding, and furry....she feels more like an animal than an arachnid to me. I brought her home for the children to see and then we let her go on the woodpile.  I thought you all would enjoy seeing her too~ I have never seen one out and about before.
  We went on our last camping trip of the summer last weekend, and this little guy is more my type ~HA!  I posted a few years ago now about a stick bug we found out by the chicken pen~ we just never hardly ever get to find them, and this fellow was just out for a stroll, so I didn't mind picking him up to snap his picture.
  Here he is on the cedar tree~ they blend in so well. Just think of what you can see, if you take pause for a moment and really look.

 Its Homecoming week this week~ Pip will be cheering before the game tonight, and at halftime Jayson will be walking Tressa out on the field to see who makes Homecoming Queen this year~ she made Princess and is so very excited to have made it that far! Of coarse we are so proud of her and I am hoping I can get a good picture to show you tonight!   Welcome Welcome Fall!!!!

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Barbara said...

Cool bugs and COOLER TRESSA!!! You go Girl!
LY, Mom