Tuesday, April 05, 2011

La Petit Courier Des Dames, 1 April, 1836~

"There is, perhaps, nothing more difficult of attainment than the art of dressing well. The graceful adjustment of drapery, the perfect harmony of colors, the correct adaptation of the coiffure to the countenance; even the choice of the slipper and neatly-fitting glove, require a degree of taste and judgement that would surprise the un-initiated......

An eye as accurate as that which guides the painter in his task, a fancy as brilliant as that which inspires the delicate visions of the poet, are required to perfect that most fascinating of all earthly objects-- an elegant and well dressed woman. "

*Little Merrit Alsop would be pleased to meet your acquaintance at the TDIPT Mercantile, along with Mirwana, Bagg, Livy & Holley, at 7pm CST , April 14, 2011.

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