Wednesday, November 10, 2010

International Quilt Festival, Houston 2010

Got home yesterday from the festival, it was entirely too much for my mind to comprehend. My Mother flew down from Wa state to go with me, and from my house we drove drown. Spent Sat and Sunday at the show
This is a picture of a smidgey of the vendor booths, before they opened on Sat. I took this picture from a little bubble window above the floor~ Saturday there were so many people, I saw all sorts of new things on Sunday, that I didn't see the day before cause if a booth had a hoard of folks in it, I kept going! All day Mom and I felt like a fish swimming upstream, always seemed like we were going against the flow of people. It was definitely an experience I will always remember. Sunday was perfect~ Id say a quarter of the amount of people than Sat. The isles were numbered up to 1600 I think....with everything under the sun available. I was disappointed a little, for me... as I am a traditionalist, and was looking for 100% natural silk and linen threads and fabrics, and there just weren't too many, matter of fact, of all the vendors there, I could count on my ONE hand, ones that had yardage, never did find anyone with linen thread. If I had to sum of the show in one word, it would be "Technology" ... ok, maybe two words, the other being. ..." bling" I have never seen so many rhinestones and sparklies on a quilt before in my life! I had no idea that was the 'in' thing now a days....and I saw only one booth with hand quilting frames....everything I saw was computer aided quilting and technology!

I have also never seen such tall buildings this close ever in my life! I am behind the times, I know, and it doesn't bother me a bit :)

It was a pleasure viewing the quilts, so many wonderful ones, and getting to meet friends and fellow quilt makers. I bought a wonderful early block print fabric as a souvenir, and brought home my quilt, now hanging once again up on the wall behind me. I have missed it.


The Old said...

Your Baltimore Album quilt is beyond beautiful! Three cheers for you! Thanks for the quilt show report. I've been to it in Houston and feel the same as you. We need a quilt show for handquilters to share the traditional ways for those of us who prefer that. Just cant get the same inspiration from machines, polyester and added glitz! Love reading your updates!So refeshing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

maritza said...

Vengo a visitarte a través del blog de Margaret. A mi me encanta el applique. Este Baltimore te quedó muy, muy bonito!!! Felicitaciones por este trabajo tan maravilloso. Me he hecho tu seguidora para no perderme ninguno de tus trabajos. Besos

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thankyou Laura~ I knew I wasnt the only one who thought that about Houston! We Traditionalists are definately the minority. There isnt a machine stitch on my quilt anyplace, and most assume that I set the block with a machine, or stitched the backing seams and the piping with machine, when in fact, its all by hand, I even hand made the piping myself.

THANKYOU for visiting Maritza :) Keep checking back, as I may have another Baltimore in the works again soon :)
xoxoxoxo rachael