Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I am trying, I really am.. but I just cannot get myself motivated to quilt this Baltimore....I have found that I really hate quilting....no, no....I loathe it. It is coming out nice, but sooooooooooo slow~ I am on just my 4th of 25 full squares, and then another 12 half ones after that, and I just cannot make myself want to work on it. My fingers and hands hurt so blasted bad after just an hour or so, and then if they are whirling along, my back is not cooperating. Y*U*K! My wishes for the quilting fairy to come complete it when I am not looking are not working either.

Perhaps it is because I have so many other things I am working on, I don't know. As you can see above, I am learning to make do with a thumble,(ha ha) and a thimble or two, or three! I have not quilted in many years, but when I used to quilt more often, I never used a thimble. I had bought a slew of leather ones on a sidewalk sale, but never liked the bulk of them, so threw them in one of my trunks and forgot about them....until this past December, when I was madly digging around for them like crazy. Nothing hurts so bad as when the needle pokes thru ones skin, or breaks thru our coveted calluses we build up so carefully~ even the leathers don't help after a while, as I found my needle poking thru again quite often, so I would turn the thimble to a different position and it was just really driving me crazy! My Ma brought me back a really wonderful seal skin leather thimble from Alaska, and I have never used it cause it was so precious....but, it is also thinner than paper and wonderfully strong, so now, I slip that one on my thumb, with a larger leather over that, and a horribly clumsy metal thimble on my middle finger....akkkkkk~ if anyone knows where I can find the leather thimble with the little circular metal piece in it, let me know PLEASE! I cant find one anyplace

CURSE this quilting~ it will be the end of me!


Evelyn's Wonderland said...

Hi Racheal, I think your dolls are amazing and just wanted to say hi! I don't know where you can find the leather thimble with the metal circle but I do know of a pattern so that you can make your own custom leather thimble. I hope this helps! http://www.taunton.com/threads/pages/t00077.asp
PS. thank you for sharing the amazing pictures of Princess Holley.

Rachael Kinnison said...

Thankyou so much for writing Evelyn~ glad you enjoyed Holley~ am getting to the other pictures~ will be soon! I am so far behind
xoxoxo rachael

Theresa said...

Rachael... Clover quilting company sells the leather thimble with the metal piece inside it. They're $12.25 each. I believe Joann fabrics carries the Clover line....if you don't have a store near you...you can always go to clover's website.


Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Theresa~
THANKS for posting that link! My Mother is sending me some, I think those are the ones, and if they work good, Ill get me some more of them!
xoxoxo rachael