Sunday, October 18, 2009


Tis the season to be BUSY! I have been working like a mad woman to get my Baltimore Album quilt top finished and ready for quilting. I finished the sashings.... ahead of time, and thought, after 10 years, I was finally done with the top, only to stand back and say....'uh, nope...... not finished yet'. I have set it on point, so I had 4 corners and 12 half blocks on the sides that were back to stitching I went! I finished the sashings on the 21st of September, and set a goal to have all the additional applique finished by the end of October. I have just 4 more half blocks to go, so hopefully I will be able to get them done by then! Thankyou SO much to all who have emailed to see how it is coming on~ I say" Beautifully"
We took a little time out yesterday to carve pumpkins....what a mess! Our early Sept snow killed the vines, so the children's punkins they were babying along stopped growing and were still a bit green inside. Emma carved hers and somehow it ended up on her HEAD! I could hear muffled giggles and couldn't believe it when I saw her~ in all my life I have never once thought to put a real punkin on my head! Well, she liked it so much, that she took it off and carved an upside down face on the bottom of it, so she could see, and now, after months of tribulation and finally coming up with the Gothic vampire costume...she has thrown that aside and wants to wear her punkin head for her costume! (I would have appreciated this idea months ago)
Lil Pip would not be still from hopping up and down until she got to try on the punkin...its SO heavy tho, Emma is helping her hold it up

And when she let go, you can get an idea of how heavy it is! I love this picture tho, I may have to get it blown up for my studio....cause I can certainly see a dollye that needs a punkin head in my future!
Enjoy the Season!!!


Sandra Evertson said...

That is so funny!
Better get her one of those fake ones to wear, thats what I used for my puppies Halloween costume, they are light and no gunk inside!
Sandra Evertson

Theresa said...

Your quilt is lovely!!! I'm sure you'll finish the other blocks in no time. :) As for the pumpkin idea as a costume...tell your daughter way to go... it's cute. :)

Christine LeFever said...

Your quilt is incredible and I can appreciate all the work and time. I will never make a quilt.

I think the Pumpkin will be a little icky by the time Trick-or-Treating arrives, don't you? She did a great job!

Rachael Kinnison said...

Hi Sandra! YES~ I would LOVE to find the fake punkins that can be carved~ no place around us has them. I am so sentimental, I would love to be able to keep the childrens jack o lanterns each year....
and YES Christine! They are allready getting oozy soupy...poor punkin is now frowning, instead of ghouling!

Thankyou for stopping by Theresa~ I finished the Baltimore top last night, and am still up in the clouds with disbelief and happiness, that one of my Dreams has come true! (she says, refusing to think about all the quilting to come:) )
xoxoxo rachael

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

Hello, Queen of Teeny Tiny -- and baltimore Album Quilts! you've surpassed yourself! Love the quilt and love the pics of the children. Hope all of you are well.