Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huh????? SNOW in the SUMMER?????

Yup! Today is the very first day of Autumn, which means our snow we got yesterday, was in the summer!!! We have never had snow this early for the past 10 years of living here in Colorado. It was WET, and HEAVY~ and look at the poor hummingbirds!

These are youngsters~ see how short their beaks are? They were huddling up under the porch to stay away from the huge silver dollar fluffly flakes that were falling~ we got a few inches, and trees were snapping all around....including a large branch off one of our cottonwoods right on my suburban :( we have snow forecase for every day this week....I certianly hope this is not our winter starting allready, as we will have cut out my most favorite time of the year~ what will I do without my Autumn????


lovetheprimlook said...

Oh My Goodness !!! Already ????? I am in no way ready for that yet. I hope you are not in for a bad winter.


Rachael Kinnison said...

HI Angie! I KNOW~ day before yesterday we drained and scrubbed the pool....the weather said snow and we thought, mmmm maybe a dusting? Not S*N*O*W*. Poor hubbys beautiful garden is flat like a pancake...corn is no where near ready to pick yet, and its just flattened right out! All my beautiful corn stalks hadnt even started to dry out yet....I love to put them on the fence posts, so when we dry out, I will be propping them up along the garden fence so they can dry and not rot away. HELLO Winter!
xoxoxo rachael

Barbara said...

What will you do without your Autumn?? Put on your long-johns, Honey!! Or.........move back up here, it's supposed to get up to 93 here at home today!
Ly, Mom