Sunday, June 14, 2009

Children's Book of Accidents, 1834

I have had many email inquiries as to the other accidents on the book I posted on earlier, so here are a couple more timeless lessons......

'Amanda, Tumbling down stairs.....

Little children sometimes get sadly hurt by falling down stairs. They should be cautious whenever they approach any steps. The above cut shows us a poor little innocent, in the act of tumbling down stairs. The distress in which we see her, moves us to pity her state. Children should be very careful when they go near stairs, to hold fast to the balusters, lest they tumble and get sadly hurt.'

and here is another page....... Ohhhh no!!!

'Here we see two thoughtless children in the nursery, playing with candles. One appears to have set the bed-curtains on fire, and the other her hair, and both seem to be in much distress and danger. Learn from this, never to play with fire. O what agony must a scene like this cause their parents, when they discover the sad situation of these unhappy children! Dreadful wounds and frightful scars, and death itself, often follow.'

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Sandra Evertson said...

I just love all of the amazing old stuff you turn up!
A Happy July 4th to you!
Sandra Evertson