Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New Line of Needful Dollys.......

Isn't she F*U*N*! This is a peeky poo at 'Little Dollye Pin' ~ she is the debut dolly in my new line of pincushion dolls. I LOVE make-do's and pincushions, and have always admired the early porcelain half dolls. My little girls will be eager to help you with your sewing and stitchings~ their dress is of coarse a pin cushion, and they have a little compartment in the base that is big enough to hold your thimble, thread, and even those little folding scissors~ but I couldn't find mine to take in the picture.
Little Dollye Pin is very nice company~ pleasant and kinde conversation when you are quietly stitching....and I have made her promise to NOT tell secrets :) She is one of a kinde, and available in my ETSY store. The first of many to come, I have dressed her c1830, and stitched her a little paper poke bonnet~ C*U*T*E!

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CARole said...

Rachael, i can't even sew a button on but I love this dolly pincushion, especially the little place to keep thread and a thimble.